Various Mediums – Paper (Part 1.2)

Next stop: Yellow Sticker Back Paper (90gsm) and Hawker Paper (80gsm)

Let’s GO!

Below is a list of different papers that can be easily found (especially in Singapore!)

  1. Newspaper (50gsm)
  2. Parchment Paper (70gsm)
  3. Yellow Sticker Paper (90gsm)
  4. Hawker Paper (80gsm)
  5. Rice Paper (45gsm)
  6. Calligraphy Card (300gsm)
  7. Fabriano Artist Paperback (200gsm)
  8. Muji Bamboo Paper (150gsm)
  9. Pacon Tagboard Heavyweight (175gsm)
  10. RJ Stonehenge Paper (250gsm)
  11. Canson Watercolour Paper (300gsm)
  12. Derwent Watercolour Paper (300gsm)
  13. Bristol Paper (300gsm)
  14. Daler Rowney Watercolour Paper (300gsm)

3) Yellow Sticker Paper (90gsm)

Due to a layer of plastic in this paper, this medium is more resistant to water! However, this paper has a tendency to curl when you submerge the paper in water.

This was done with classic (brown solution A) and wash with water.

4) Hawker Paper (80gsm)

This medium is oddly satisfying!

It is easily available at any household stores and it has a layer of wax which mean, it is resistant in water. However both paper types curl when they are both submerged in water.

This was done with the classic version (brown solution A), with an additional white distilled vinegar and wash with water.