Mini Black Box Series

Introducing our Mini Black Box Series – compact and portable solutions for exploring cyanotype printing. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists, each kit includes:

  • Include a Quick Guide: Step-by-step guidance to printing your art print.
  • UV-Sensitive Cyanotype Solution; 10ml Solution A and 10ml Solution B.
  • A Petri Dish
  • Fabriano Papers (200gsm).
  • 10.5cm by 15cm Acrylic Sheet and MDF board.
  • Explore different brush strokes with Sponge Brushes.
  • Different variation to choose from!

Expand your creativity with our Mini Black Box Series. Whether you’re new to cyanotype or a seasoned enthusiast, unleash your imagination wherever inspiration strikes. Order yours today and dive into the world of stunning cyanotype prints!