Corporate Workshops

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Here are the guidelines to your favourite workshop –

Minimum number of pax: 10 pax

Confirmation and reservation upon full payment or deposit.

Table 1.1

(*Please refer to Table 1.1 for reservation(s).)

You can reach us at +65 8889 3032 or request for a quotation via

External Workshop(s) Policies

Table 1.2

Delivery & Transport Fees WAIVEDWorkshops on consecutive days with a minimum total bill of $1200

No show policy

  • Fees will be forfeited if there is/are no-show(s).
  • No rescheduling on the day of workshop if there are/is no show(s).
  • Fees will be fully refunded if the instructor is absent without informing the organiser(s) on the day of the event.
  • Project Blue instructor(s) must inform the organiser(s) in advance however, reserve(s) the right to cancel or reschedule the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • There will be additional charges incurred for delivery and transport fees. (*Please refer to Table 1.2 for delivery and transport fees.)

Rescheduling or cancellation

  • All requests must be made with a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance from the date that you had booked initially.
  • Timespan for requests shorter than fourteen (14) days will NOT be honoured. (No reschedules and no refund will be offered.)
  • Gift Vouchers applicable. Please approach our staff(s) for verification beforehand. Project Blue staff(s) reserve(s) the rights to accept and or decline the Gift Voucher(s).
  • Complimentary workshops not applicable.
  • All attendees’ tickets are non-refundable once the workshop(s) begin(s).

Venue Minimum Requirement(s)

Sample Venue Space

  • Large indoor space.
  • Electrical points – minimum 6
  • Water point – same level as venue space
  • Tables and chairs

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