About Us

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming to check out ProjectBlue!

I started ProjectBlue to spread the joy of creating your own artwork using Cyanotype printing. I first came across Cyanotype printing during my studies at Lasalle College Of The Arts and have been captivated by the beautiful blue-hued images produced by this method since. The beauty found in the silhouettes and details amidst the shades of blue give images a timeless and ethereal beauty that inspires me whenever a new print is made.

Cyanotype printing is a fascinating blend of printmaking and an alternative photographic printing process with its origins dating back to the creation of blueprints in 1842. In contemporary times, Cyanotype printing has evolved into an art form with numerous advantages. It serves as a gateway to spark interest in both art and chemistry, allowing participants to experience the excitement of blending chemicals to create practical solutions that are transformed into art.

Through this creative process, participants have the opportunity to explore various mediums, including paper, wood, and fabrics. Additionally, we encourage participants to infuse their unique individualities into their art by composing pieces with physical objects, which can be used to print images. This fosters a sense of personal expression and creativity.

Beyond its artistic and creative aspects, Cyanotype printing offers therapeutic benefits. Working under the sun not only adds a physical and sensory dimension to the process but also plays a role in regulating our circadian rhythm. This exposure to natural light can contribute to alleviating anxieties, making Cyanotype printing a holistic and enriching experience for participants.

– Odelia Yen (Founder)


Odelia Yen graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts – Goldsmith, University of London.

Her artworks were previously showcased at DECK, Institute of Contemporary Arts, ULTRASUPERNEW Gallery, Alliance Francaise, and Roger & Sons, her works were also featured in workshops at Nanyang Technological University Mental Health Week – Mind Matters, Singapore Mental Health Film Festival and Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Immersive EdTech Meetup 3/2019: Let’s Build!

Registered Ministry Of Education (MOE) Instructor and NAC Instructor


Our Mission and Vision

Our objective is to launch a “cyanotype movement” in Singapore, with the aim of establishing a platform and a community that will unite individuals to strengthen our unique identities. This initiative seeks to inspire, advocate, and provide mutual support in the realm of arts and creativity.

Our Location / Contact

Our studio is located at:

35 Tannery Road #08-06B Ruby Industrial Complex, Tannery Block

Singapore 347740

Tel: 8889 3032

Email: info@projectblue.sg